As a thank you for reaching 600 followers, I am starting another giveaway of Shiny Pokemon! All these Shiny Pokemon are Kalos bred (with the lone exception of the Charmander)


  1. You obviously need Pokemon X or Pokemon Y. I’ll also need your Friend Code.
  2. There will be five winners! Three Pokemon for each winner!
  3. The first randomly selected winner will choose first. The second will choose next, and so on.
  4. No Giveaway blogs!
  5. Reblogs and Likes count! 
  6. You do NOT have to follow me unless you actually want to. Giveaway is open to all. If the winner is someone who already followed me before the start of the giveaway, they will be allowed to choose an extra Pokemon.
  7. This giveaway ends September 2!

ALSO!!! Check out my Pokemon side blog bryanavalon as I will be posting another giveaway consisting of Legendary Pokemon! The same rules apply for both giveaways.